Online whiteboard: all the tools and features

A online whiteboard is a tool in an online classroom that helps educators make lessons more flexible and quickly adapt to working on a platform without third-party services.

Great news! Our online whiteboard is now available in the new version of the platform. It is a helpful tool for creating flexible lessons without third-party services.

Here is what you can do on the whiteboard:

  • draw;

  • work with pictures in real-time in group lessons;

  • showcase rules and give examples;

  • brainstorm and collaborate with your students;

  • add extra materials during the class.

Click the corresponding icon on the classroom dashboard to access the board. You can navigate the student to the board or ask them to access it themselves.

The board tool is available for individual and group classes. Don’t worry about materials you create on a class whiteboard because an independent whiteboard space is created for every classroom.

When using the whiteboard in individual classes, built-in video calls can be displayed in compact or full-size variations. The same feature will soon appear in group classes as well.

Several users can collaborate in real-time and see each other’s cursors with names. 

The teacher can allow or restrict editing of the whiteboard content and switch off students’ cursors being displayed.

Whiteboard toolbox and how you can use it:

🔹 Cursor - select objects for further actions

🔹 Hand - grab and move objects around the whiteboard.

🔹 Text - type in any text, and change its font, size, color, and transparency.

🔹 Shape - create rectangles, triangles, or ellipses of any scale. Change shape fill by selecting a color from the palette; modify stroke options by choosing its thickness, transparency, and color. Push the Shift button to create a circle, a square, or an isosceles triangle.

🔹 Line/arrow - draw straight lines or arrows. Change their color and thickness.

🔹 Brush - draw forms of any color or thickness.

🔹 Image - upload pictures from desktop or clipboard.

Features for teachers only:

  • Invite a student 

  • Allow or restrict editing 

  • Show or hide users’ cursors 

  • Point students to particular parts of the whiteboard

Features for teachers and students:

  • Create, edit, move and delete objects

  • Bring objects to the front or send them to the back

  • Lock objects so that they can’t be moved or edited

  • Change the whiteboard scale from 3% to 400%

  • Use keyboard shortcuts (see a list of them in the whiteboard menu)

  • Take screenshots and save them on your device.


Time to create! Open the whiteboard in your classroom and get ready for the lesson!

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